Characters of the Memorial Park

Characters of the Memorial Park - As the day progressed, my mother usually narrated the interesting stories unfolding in the park in front of our apartment. This led to me picking up her binoculars and deciding to record these happenings, each one separated, magnified, and told with the same dignity as the other. Some mundane, some happy, and some sad, these stories started reflecting the environment and the changes that were taking place, and as a viewer gave me access to all of it from my little balcony.

What started with two people sharing a picnic during the golden hour, continued over the summer and into the fall of 2020 to become a series spanning many months. The mood of the photos also changed with the happenings around the world and Calgary, as the collection of these images not only includes families, children, mental health issues but also has the black lives matter movement that I got to capture.

Not only was I able to get close to the subjects per se, the binoculars despite the isolation became my window to the outside world.