Twinkle Banerjee is a photographer with her practice swinging between old-world nostalgia and modern-day conceptual stories. Originally from India, she migrated to Canada in 2010 and has called it her home ever since.

Twinkle is passionate about climate change and issues surrounding the global supply chain. Through her work, she wants to create a meeting point between research and conceptualism to make these issues more accessible to society.

She has exhibited at the ICP- New York, Greece, and published in Berlin besides many other group exhibits and residencies both in Canada and abroad.

In the near future, she also hopes to document the rural and folk culture in India that is diminishing due to globalization while trying to decolonize the narrative surrounding photography in the country.

Group Exhibits and Residencies:

May, 2020: Group Exhibit "A moment of Zen" by Exposure Festival.June, 2020: Participated in the Exposure Studio 2020 residency, Calgary.July, 2020: Group Exhibit for ICP Concerned: Global Images for Global Crisis at ICP, New York.October, 2020: Mentorship program Room Upfront.October, 2020: Exhibited a solo series at The Covid Photo Museum.January, 2021: Group exhibit at Jaipur Contemporary Gallery, New York.January, 2021: Group Exhibit at Stride Gallery, Calgary.January, 2021: Group exhibit at the 2021 Exposure Festival & Alberta Society of ArtsApril, 2021: Video installation at Project Lazaretta, supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.May, 2021: Participated in Cel Del Nord Virtual Residency, based in Barcelona, Spain.


PhotoVogue, ItalyPhotoED, CanadaDie Politische Meinung, Berlin